About us

OPERA Charm Magazine is a dream well stored, with a solid basis in everything that represented and I have achieved through my first blog Jurnal de Soprană (Soprano’s diary), a dream that I suddenly decided that I could and should fulfill, but which was urged by those who are always close to me, especially the one who gifted me with the first form of the logo, our graphic designer, Oana Zamfir, but also those who were so excited about my invitation to be writers for a day in the magazine that today is released.

I sincerely thank all those who have received with admiration and curiosity this project from the first moment and have supported it in social media even before the publication of its first number, such a beautiful and unexpected surprise! I really hope that we will be able to be useful and to meet the expectations of those who follow us and, at the same time, to develop our team qualitatively and quantitatively.

Now I invite you to enjoy reading it!

Bianca L. Nica

Owner & Founder of OPERA Charm Magazine


Bianca L. Nica

Founder & CEO

Alice Lechner

Founding member, Editor & Legal consultant

Oana Zamfir

Founding Member & Graphic designer

Cristina Fieraru

Editor & Social Media Manager

Ana Stănescu

Editor & Social Media Manager

Maria Isabela Nica