Angel Blue: My dad used to tell me: “Angel you should never get tired of learning.” I that that close to my heart.

Angel, thank you very much for being on the cover of OPERA Charm Magazine’s 2nd number! Ever since our Instagram Live Interview, I’ve been amazed by your kindness and humbleness. You are absolutely Charming!

Thank you very much!

Also, we all know that over these over two months of quarantine you’ve been one of the most social media active and present artists. Where do you spend these hard times and how did you feel during these 2 months? How did you spend your free time and how were the ideas of your recitals born?

I’m spending my time in quarantine at home with my family. I spend most of this time homeschooling my stepson, being a housewife, and working on various projects that I’ve started like my talk show Faithful Friday.

You are one of the greatest sources of encouragement for so many young singers. You got in touch with them, you organized online recitals with them. You are kind of their mentor now. How do you feel about this?

Thank you! I love singers and I like to encourage other people. The Sunday Recital Series came about because I had 2 recitals that were canceled and I wanted to showcase students who also had recitals canceled. I feel thankful that they would trust me with presenting their talent on my social media platforms.

Do you find yourself in their stories, in their struggle to get to start a career to step on the stage? Do you remember how it all started for you?

I find that I relate to them in a lot of ways. Yes, I do remember very well being a student in high school at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and wondering if I would become any of the things that I dreamed about. Some of those dreams changed and some have not.

Read the entire interview here, in the 2nd issue of OPERA Charm Magazine.


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