Antonia Cosmina Stancu

Antonia Cosmina Stancu is a young mezzosoprano, born on May 8th, 1993 in Bucharest, Romania. Since she was a little girl she has been fond of the artistic world, although she doesn’t come from a family of musicians. At seven, she started studying the violin and arts at “Iosif Sava” School of Music, in Bucharest. At the same age, she discovered that she liked pop music. She started singing in several shows and she won many prizes at competitions. Many of the jury members who had listened to her special voice suggested her that she should study opera singing. She will do that at the beginning of her teenage years. Although she started singing and impressed many professionals with her special voice, she never imagines that she would become an opera singer, because she liked singing other genres and, most of all, because she really loved it. At 14 she had the great privilege of studying with a famous Romanian singer and actress, Margareta Pâslaru. She was one of the most gifted “stars” of the Romanian artists who appeared on TV, movies and shows. This great dame of the artistic scene in Romania told Cosmina what many others had said before: that her voice is strong, beautiful and it is great for opera. This time, Cosmina really took it seriously.

It was the time in her life when she should choose to what high-school she wanted to go. During the years, she really liked Maths (she even attended several contests), but also painting, besides music, which she loved a lot. Music won the battles in Cosmina’s young heart and she chose to attend one of the best music high-schools in Bucharest, “George Enescu”, named after the great Romanian composer. She thought of joining the jazz/pop section at school, because she still wanted to sing pop music. The funny thing was that when she wanted to apply for this school, she found out there was no such thing as the jazz/pop section and the only option she had was classical opera training. That was the moment when she considered taking this new path. The advice that many people had given her before, but especially Miss Pâslaru, sounded in her head. She felt that “everything happens for a reason”. The ladies from the secretary suggested that Cosmina should prepare for this Admission with Prof. Mariana Chihaia. This is how it began. This is how the teenager Cosmina entered in a new, special universe, full of emotions and joy, a world like a fairy tale with a larger range of emotions. She understood that this kind of emotions and this magic world are specific to this new road she just began to walk on with small steps, being enchanted by it: the world of opera. And she understood that this was her future. She remembers with great joy the first lessons with her new teacher, who will always have a special place in her heart. Prof. Chihaia made Cosmina, this very young mezzosoprano, to love opera forever. Cosmina remembers her as a passionate teacher, who helped her a lot in gaining her confidence. During her high-school years the young opera singer received many prizes at important contests and scholarships.

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