Charming beginnings: Diana Alexe

Diana Alexe was born in a small town, Adjud, in the south of the region Moldova, Romania. Even as a child, Diana used to find the artistic aspect of everything she was doing, unconsciously, through her imagination. Spending her childhood in a neighbourhood of musicians, Diana has always been surrounded by music, having the chance to listen to the sound of violins or the saxophones day and night. Noticing that her voice was a little unusual for her age, she was too shy to sing in public until her music teacher asked her to audition for the school’s choir and the town’s talent contest.

At the age of 12, an important event happened in her life. Studying at a school named after the famous Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu, the young Diana wanted to find out everything about this amazing personality. She had the chance to listen to a recording of La Gheorghiu performing the role of Violetta from La Traviata and she was mesmerized.

She remembers smilingly the moment she told her parents that she wanted to continue her studies in Bucharest, because she wanted to become an opera singer – a surprise for them who didn’t know that she was already going earlier to school to study with her teacher. She was the first to be admitted at the Music University in Bucharest, studying with Eleonora Enăchescu and Iulia Isaev. For 3 years, she was one of the young talents that received the scholarships of Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation, being often part of the royal events, having the chance to meet important artists such as Teodor Ilincăi (tenor), Vasile Moldoveanu, Tiberiu Soare (conductor), Ileana Marinescu, who have had a major influence on her artistic and personal development. She remembers with great emotion the moment she sung for the first time at the Romanian Athenaeum, being only 18 years old, and all the scholarships she received during her preparation years, the most important of these being the Iolanda Mărculescu scholarship offered by Georgeta Stoleriu and the Corneliu Fânățeanu scholarship offered by the tenor Teodor Ilincăi. At the moment, she is part of the Youth Academy of WienerStaatsoper. She had her absolute debut in february, this year with the role of Gilda (Rigoletto) at the Romanian National Opera House in Cluj-Napoca.

“Starting to study this role, trying to acknowledge her psychological development and her intentions, I found in it an old me behind her infantility, behind her Platonic love and her desire of self-sacrifice, so I stopped judging her. I started believing her, but not feeling pity. I think that her gesture of courage is misunderstood, its source being, above all, the saving of the father. I also tried to paint her personality through my voice: sweet, flexible and lighting in the first act, picturing her pureness, her youth, while in the second and the third act she becomes a woman, from the physiological point of view, as from the point of view of the score’s writing. In this moment, Verdi brings a dark shade into her part alongside with the development of the action, with less ornamentations and fast dynamics, which require a more present and full sound, the right usage of the grave register and an ample phrasing. I will always be thankful to those who were my stage partners for this debut and to those who trusted me enough to give me this chance, to invest in me, to make me bloom and to help go through the nerves of the first experience. This debut was a gift for my mother on her birthday, thanking her for her and my father’s sacrifices. They always did their best to offer me a higher education, to make me feel equal to those around me. I couldn’t describe how much love they gave me. I am so grateful for their support, for the fact that they treated me as an adult and let me follow my dream.” – Diana Alexe


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