Charming beginnings: Iurii Samoilov

Hello, Iurii! Such a pleasure to meet & to chat with such a young promising artist! How’s it going? What is a young opera singer such as yourself doing in a time like this, when time is passing but we can’t do more in our field? How are you spending it? What are your thoughts and state of mind, considering this situation?

Hi, it’s absolutely my pleasure to chat with you and share a little part of my experience and life. I’m well in general. There were different moments in this past year. Moments of sadness, moments of love, of joy, of different new discoveries and rediscovering the old me. It’s indeed the time where there is not much going on in the cultural field. But this precious time is necessary for each one of us, I think, to look in the mirror and understand the purpose of life and the deepest parts of the soul. The perfect time for self-development. Considering self-development: I’ve started learning Greek, taking guitar lessons, working on my body with a personal trainer, reading a lot and unlocking my mind with my psychotherapist. Basically having much more time for the things, which I couldn’t find time for before.

You represent the class of tomorrow’s opera singers. This inevitably involves asking yourself crucial questions about where the opera world is heading. Have you ever participated in online performance activities or streaming projects? What’s your opinion on digitalising live performances? In your opinion, how important are social media networks for artists in these times?

I don’t know where the opera world is heading exactly but I for sure know that in these digital times it’s very important to have an online presence. This is the perfect time for every talent hiding around the world. Basically everybody has a chance to be discovered. From the other side, only having talent is not enough. Plenty of time should be invested in the development of all the other aspects. I’m trying to be very present in the social networks. Particularly Instagram. I see my mission in helping young opera singers in their development and spreading the classical music among other young people who have nothing to do with music. They can see that the opera can be interesting, cool and modern, that opera singers are not unaccessible, but the same young people living life and having the same problems. During the pandemic, along with the countless live streamings and posts about the opera art, I’ve also recorded some music. A few songs written together with my friends Oleg Zholtikov and Liliya Vinogradova were born. You can easily find them online. I was also very happy and excited to do two new role debuts with the Rossini Opera Festival. Slook in La Cambiale di Matrimonio and Figaro in Il Barbiere di Siviglia. Both of the productions were streamed live. I’m really thankful to the Festival for this opportunity particularly in these times of quietness.

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