Eduard Dinu

Eduard Dinu was born in 1992, in Prahova County, Urleta, which is an emblematic space for Romanian choral music. This was the hometown of the great master Marin Constantin, founder of the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal”. The young conductor made his first steps into the musical world at the age of five, studying the piano. He later became a student of the “Carmen Sylva” National College of Art in Ploieşti. The love for music determined him to participate in various competitions, obtaining numerous prizes. Also, as a young pianist, he held recitals in important cultural institutions in Ploieşti, but also in other places in Romania. These 14 years of piano lessons were crowned by his collaboration with the “Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic Orchestra from Ploieşti, performing George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue as a soloist.

The piano was his first love and later in life, choral music came as a new experience and a real revelation. His activity as part of the Choir of the “Carmen Sylva” National College of Art – throughout the twelve years of school – was marked by numerous concerts and recitals held within this ensemble. The apogee was their participation in the Bratislava Choral Festival, where the choir obtained the First Prize and the gold medal for special merits. At the same time – in 2008 – Eduard became a member of the “Momentum” Choir. Here, he had the opportunity to conduct for the first time.

To be born in a place where the great master of Romanian choral music comes from, Marin Constantin, is more than an honor; it is ultimately a challenge to follow in his footsteps and I hope to achieve at least a small part of what he managed to create in his long and remarkable career

Eduard Dinu

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