Eugenia Forteza: Being a professional opera singer requires so many skills beyond singing.

360° of Opera is a platform founded by Eugenia Forteza in 2016, looking to bring to light all aspects of the art form, especially those that get lost in the background. This idea originated as she was listening to highlights of Wagner’s Ring Cycle at Carnegie Hall. Eugenia was transported and really let her mind wander and go places where she had not really let it go before. Since she started in this field, she has been fascinated by every little corner of what happens in the theater, before, during and after a show, in order to bring opera to life. There Eugenia realized that there had to be a way for her to share her passion for all of this with everyone else: this is just the beginning of what is a positive contribution to innovation in opera, community outreach, journalism & music education.

You are a French-Argentinean mezzo-soprano & actor based in NYC: though you would rather prefer the nomad life traveling around the world, “getting in all sorts of opera trouble”. Which differences you notice between Europe and USA regarding Arts, Culture and Music? Does opera live in a different atmosphere?

The big difference I notice between Europe and USA regarding Arts, Culture and Music is the source of the funding. In Europe, the classical arts are much more engrained in the history and culture of each country and tend to be considered an essential aspect of society, therefore receiving much more government support. This is why this pandemic time has been especially devastating for some of the big opera houses in the USA, including Broadway. At the same time, I observe that the creativity and potential for innovation in the USA is limitless. Being less attached to a certain artistic tradition, I think there is more room and demand from the audience for new opera in the USA. I think opera is and will continue to become increasingly popular in the USA, as contemporary music and American voices are being more and more included in the narrative and creative process.

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