Hera Hyesang Park: I’m a very open minded person so whatever comes into my life I just accept and explore it.

Hello, Hera, it’s very nice meeting you virtually! How are you?
Nice to meet you too, Bianca!

How are you? Where are you right now? How’s it going?
Now, I’m in UK. I came here to study with my brilliant coach on a few upcoming roles and projects, so I am happy being here!
It was very nice to see you for the first time in Berlin, as Adina. Brava! I am sorry I didn’t have the chance to meet you then, but we will certainly have another opportunity soon. How do you feel like performing in this production?
Thank you! Well, we all enjoyed it very much – my colleagues and I really were having fun onstage together. When I came to Berlin for the first time to sing in this production a few months ago, I did not have the same experience. I was very sick, so I sadly had to withdraw from one performance. But when I returned this month, I was healthier and my body was properly ready. This time, the experience that I had was just really, really positive. I felt like we were so well connected because it was the same cast, the director was really engaged and we had a little bit of time to socialise together too. I invited my colleagues over to my place and I cooked Korean food for them. We were more connected emotionally.
Sometimes, it’s difficult when we only have a few days of rehearsals together. When this happens we have to literally jump onto the stage immediately. It’s difficult to get a feel of each other. But this time, we communicated on the stage, we talked and adapted to each other. We felt lucky that the director was very flexible, so when we asked: „Can I do this, can I do that? Can I do this thing in the performance?”, he said „of course”! For example, in the moment when I’m kissing Nemorino before Belcore comes along, adding the lipstick element was my idea! I kind of felt like I want to do something more with that moment. I had no pockets, so I had to put like in my bra instead! There was constant improvisation which created amazing energy, as you may have felt. Erwin (Schrott) always shocks everybody with something new in each show (laughs), so I had to be prepared for that. It was like fun. I love being in Berlin!

I enjoyed particularly, and I know this is your charisma, and your flexibility on stage, exactly what you said that you didn’t seem that surprised about anything, you were just playing without being disturbed by anything. So is this something that you developed during your career, or you always like that, or is very flexible and outgoing on stage?
I think I’m a flexible person in general, in life. I’m a nomad. I am homeless by choice. I’ve been living on the road for over six years now. I don’t have a place to call home (not because I’m not going there often) but in the truest sense – I literally don’t have a place to live. So, my life is like this. I’m a very flexible person, I’m exploring my life spontaneously, embracing all the surprises. I’m a very a open minded person so whatever comes into my life I just accept and explore it. I really love the spontaneity of life, because life is so beautiful. I feel like we have always so many things to learn. On the stage I feel the same. The beauty of opera and of being on the stage is also this. You can’t just do the exact same thing over and over again. There is, of course, so much precision of movement in opera, but if you know what you’re doing, you can enjoy the moment and be grateful for where you are, share this beauty with the others, with colleagues, by being flexible.

Read the entire interview here, in the 8th/2022 issue of OPERA Charm Magazine.


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