Legends: Leontina Văduva

When my manager asked me what kind of career I wanted at the beginning, I confessed that I would like to sing with famous names from whom I knew I would have a lot to learn.

And, of course, due to her impressive vocal and acting qualities, Leontina Văduva had the career  she dreamed of, singing alongside with names like Simon Estes, Sherrill Milnes, Samuel Ramey, Placido Domingo, Alfredo Kraus, and under the baton of conductors such as Zubin Mehta, Sir Colin Davis, Michel Plasson, Alain Lombards , Sir Antonio Pappanno, Marco Arniliato, and many others. Remarkably for her career are also the Manon performances with Gregory Kunde and the Romeo and Juliet performances with Roberto Alagna. 

The soprano was born on December 1st, on the National Day of Romania, in a very famous family of musicians. Her mother, Maria Ciobanu is one of the most well-known Romanian folklore singers, from who the soprano inherited her beautiful light timber, but also the facility in approaching the high register.

Since I was a child, I sang folklore with my famous mother, Maria Ciobanu, but, as the timbre of our voices is very similar, I decided to find my own identity, focusing on classical music around the age of 18. Under the guidance of the masters, Ella Urma and Arta Florescu, I studied music at the Conservatory in Iași and Bucharest.

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