Nello Santi Tribute by Cristian Sandu

Falling in love with opera and singing in his childhood, when he used to listen to overtures and arias on his parents’ vinyls, Cristian Sandu has always dreamt of singing and becoming an opera conductor. Currently conductor & professor at Gheorghe Dima National Academy of Music in Cluj-Napoca, but also present on the stages in Europe, Asia, South America or the Extreme Orient, he remembers the emotion of the first steps in M° Santi’s camerino at Teatro San Carlo, back in February 2016, during rehearsals. He describes this meeting as his rebirth as a musician, artist and conductor, knowing that he was in front of a legend and that he was about to start a new journey under the guidance of the one who was about to become his maestro. The years spent alongside Nello Santi in the opera houses in Naples, Milan, Venice or Zurich, during or between rehearsals or performances, changed his perception on music, on his profession and even on life – the great encounter with the Italian mentality, style and tradition.

I remember with emotion those years when M° Santi encouraged me and confirmed the most refined opinions about opera, sharing with me information, knowledge that you can’t find in books. An experience based entirely on the practical side of our profession. He facilitated my access to an Italian way of thinking, of perception of the voice, of its tradition, style, phrasing and interpretation.

Read the entire article here, in the 7th issue of OPERA Charm Magazine.


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