“Netiquette” by Viviana Nebuloni

Are you ready for online success? Then learn the art of Netiquette, “the online manners in the days of brand identity”. Today more than ever, having a beautiful account, and not only on an aesthetic level, is essential to promote yourself as an artist and as a worker: follow faithfully these 10 little tricks and you will be able to attract more interest on your feed.

1. Online credibility. First things first: credibility – do you want to be credible in your content Getting credit and recognition isn’t that simple, but here are some ideas for you. Remember your “mission”. For artists this dilemma is resolved in their supposedly trivial reason for living: music. Why, have you, the artist, decided to take this path? Depending on the answers you give yourself (and I don’t accept “for the money!”), you will understand what you can and should convey to your followers. Whatever is the force that pushes you in life, always hold it close to yourself and communicate it constantly, this is the fulcrum of everything: a profile without a soul is potentially boring.

2. Bots and the purchase of followers. I know what you’re thinking: you think you can let the bots do the dirty work. WELL, NO! You are very wrong: the use of these little “mini-tees” not only are often huge rip-offs in economic terms, but in recent times Instagram has learned to detect them and will greatly penalize your interaction with the real followers who follow you (it won’t highlight your new feed posts or show your stories)… However, the best performing bots today are those that automate the visualizations and actions on the stories of the audiences selected on the basis of hashtags and other parameters, but remember: the golden age of bots is over, so their use is not recommended.

3. Hashtag. Well, now that you are aware of the fact that a proper interaction corresponds to a correct “backstage” job, which shouldn’t be a problem for you (I hope), let’s talk about technicalities and how to spread your social work. The purpose of the hashtag is to increase the visibility of certain contents in relation to the interests of users.  Therefore, there are absolutely no correct hashtags. You have to use the right ones to position your content towards the audience that is willing to appreciate it (but our niche is quite compact, it shouldn’t be a problem).

Generally the rule is:

– 1/3 very large;

– 1/3 less general;

– 1/3 more circumscribed.

Unique or low-appeal hashtags should be avoided, unless we launch them with a specific strategy. To understand which ones work best, it is useful to observe the combinations of successful posts, even of “competitors”.

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