Răzvan Apetrei

Răzvan Apetrei is one of the most talented emerging conductors in Romania and one of the few who have turned their interest to the scenic musical genres – opera and ballet. His passion for these genres was most likely determined by the fact that he was born into a family of actors, being from a very young age in contact with the dramatic art.

There were times when I spent whole days in the theatre. I was writing my homework in the theatre hall while the actors were rehearsing on stage, I went on all the tours across the country, I knew all the plays by heart, backwards and forwards. It was a beautiful period of my childhood.

He was born in 1988, in Bacău, a town in the North-East of Romania. His studies and musical career began as a pianist, attending at age of 7 the hometown art high school and, 12 years later, the Bucharest National University of Music courses. However, at the age of 23 he decided to become a conductor, a passion that has been pursued since childhood.

Quite early on, as a teenager, I realized that the expressive possibilities of the piano could not exceed a certain limit, while the orchestra became an increasingly seductive desideratum for what I wanted to express through music. However, courage was needed. It is not easy, after 16 years in which music was revealed to me almost exclusively through the 88 white and black keys, to throw myself into the unknown and start from scratch.

A great factor for his musical development was the influence of his conducting teacher, maestro Dumitru Goia, a fan of opera music, trained at the prestigious conservatory in St. Petersburg.

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