Riccardo Fassi: You never stop learning. I think that the golden rule is: never think of “achieving” some aspects of the technique, because when you stop searching and fighting for it, you risk losing it.

First of all, thank you again, dear Riccardo, for accepting my invitation! We are honoured to have an interview with you, one of the shiniest stars of the opera’s new generation, in the 2nd number of our Magazine. You started your artistic journey in 2014, with the role of Masetto in Mozart’s Don Giovanni, a production of Teatro Sociale di Como, directed by Graham Vick. I would like to start our conversation by asking you to tell us a little about the insides of your musical path until the moment of your debut. Who guided your steps towards the Opera world and what made you decide to start on this road? Actually, it was rather random. I fell in love quite suddenly with the opera. No one in my family is a musician. I’m not one of those who grew up listening to classical music. Actually, I haven’t listened to it at all. I started to play the electric guitar when I was around 14 years old as an amateur, just to have fun with my friends. Heavy Metal was my way. And it is still a bit. I’m a rather curious person and, thanks to that, a few years later I decided to take a singing lesson just to “know the basics” and to help the band with the secondary voices. Destiny has been really generous because this is when I met my teacher, Gianluca Valenti. We started with pop singing, but after a few lessons, he told me “you have the potential for opera singing. We can work on it”. I made a complete leap into the dark, left university and started to dedicate myself to the opera, a genre that I had never listened to before, just like almost no other piece of classical music. I just said: “…ok, let’s do it”. He’s still my teacher now and, since the first lesson we decided to take every step together, making all the decisions about my debuts and the roles that I should study with intelligence.

Did you have any misconceptions about this “job” that you only discovered while getting on the stage? Not really. Growing up ignoring the opera world, I stepped in with a clear mind set. I never thought it was easy, I never thought starting a career would be a quick process, even though in my case, it was quite fast. Maybe the only thing would be that I wasn’t expecting such an itinerant lifestyle. That was rather unexpected!

Read the whole interview here, in the 2nd issue of OPERA Charm Magazine.


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