Russian Cake alla Evgenij Onegin

By Francesco Lodola & Ieri Oggi Domani Opera

Evgeny Onegin, Tchaikovsky’s famous masterpiece based on Pushkin’s novel, is one of the most performance operas of the Votkinsk composer’s style. Russia as painted by Tchaikovsky is refined, aristocratic and influenced by European Classicism and Romanticism. In fact, the recipe that we dedicate to this opera is not Russian, but tells of the mutual fascination that Europe and the Russian Empire had for one another. Russian Cake is, as a matter of fact, one of the most popular recipes in Verona: legend has it a Veronese pastry chef who worked on cruise ships in the northern seas, invented this fur-hat (ushanka) shaped dessert after falling in love with a girl. Like any legend, any supporting evidence is scarce, but what is certain is that today this is one of the most loved desserts in Veronese cuisine and it is possible to find it in all the pastry shops throughout the city. Now to how it’s made.

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