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Sydney Opera House

One of the most iconic buildings in the world, the Sydney Opera House, is an architectural masterpiece.

The opera house is a symbol of the city and also a symbol of Australia.

The building is located at the top of Cape Bennelong and is currently home to the Australian Opera, the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

The Sydney Opera House was a project created by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, born 1918 in Copenhagen. Its historical importance began in 1956 with its conception as, for a significant period of time, the opera house was the only modern building in Sydney.

The myth of Utzon’s creation started when he sent unfinished sketches to the jury of the design contest and was selected from 233 participants at the last moment. Furthermore, rumour has it architect Eero Saarinen said that Utzon’s project was unbuildable. At the time the Danish architect’s project was certainly architecturally innovative, with a previously unthought-of design centrepiece: a 60 metre roof in the shape of an overlapping shell.

The building is located on the former site of the Macquarie Tram fort. The three-phase construction began in March 1959: in the first phase (1959-1963) the foundations and the platform were laid, in the second phase (1963-1967 ) the external resistance structure and the roof were built, and in the third phase (1967-1973) the interior was arranged. Initially the estimated cost for construction was $7 million but ended up costing around $102 million.

The initial plan was not followed with works delayed due to poor weather conditions and several technical difficulties. As for the roof, the plan devised by Utzon required a series of parabolas supported by concrete blocks, but as the engineers failed to find a technical solution to build them, the design had to be redone. So in 1961 the Danish architect devised a new plan: the roof could be built by creating precast ‘ribs’, adorned with panels and tiles.

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