Violeta Urmana:  When I started to study singing, I knew that I had to first build my “instrument” – my voice.

First of all, how are you? You are one of the Opera singers that kept her distance from the social media and didn’t express much her opinion on what was going on during these three difficult months for the whole world, so also for the Arts. Thank you, I’m just fine and living through this forced vacation. I love my work and, like the whole world, I’m really sad about this situation. I participate on social media mostly when I have to show something of my work. As we are in a total lockdown, there is nothing to announce. And I hope, as everybody else, that we can soon return to our life, as we were used to.

Where were you when the theaters were closed and how did you perceive this time? How did you spend your quarantine?

I was singing at La Scala in Milan Il Trovatore, when infections started. We were able to give six performances, but just an hour before the next afternoon performance it was announced that the performance was cancelled. We just took off our wigs and make-up and left the theatre with a very strange feeling… After that, I left Milan when it was clear that the following performances would not take place. Since then I’ve had a long stay at home for the first time in my 27 career years. I’m spending time on doing some work I never had time for, reading books and studying a lot of new parts and Lied for the near future.

Which is the first memory of yours with Opera, the moment when you decided to be an opera singer? During my piano studies at the conservatory, during lessons of music history, I discovered the operas of Bellini, Donizzetti, Verdi, in a public library. There was an extraordinary voice that attracted – Lucia di Lammermoor sung by Maria Callas.

Read the entire interview here, in the 3rd issue of OPERA Charm Magazine.


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