Virginia Zeani

An article by Luminița Arvunescu

Since 2008, when the desire to meet her had wandered daily through the narrow spaces of everyday life – so that three years later could rejoice in the most beautiful meeting in Bucharest in a beautiful May – October has meant, annually for me, a phone call in Florida, a long and extremely precious conversation, always a special edition of the Opera Series (the show I do, every Saturday, on the public station Radio Romania) and a “Happy Birthday”… said with the fuller joy. Every year, the same ritual, the same emotion. Why? Because October 21st is the anniversary of the great soprano Virgina Zeani: an artist adored 5 decades ago by theatres and audiences around the world, born in Romania and adopted by Italy, the Homeland of the Opera.

This year, Virginia Zeani turned 95 years old. Celebration in West Palm Beach (Florida)- where the wonderful artist has lived since 1980- now a widow- her husband, the famous bass Nicola Rossi Lemeni died in 1991- but with her son’s family, Alessandro Rossi Lemeni. And, of course, a celebration for millions of fans, who continue to appreciate her career and celebrate her life.

L’Assoluta Virgina Zeani. It was written about Virginia Zeani – starting, it seems, from the statements of La Divina Maria Callas, that she was “the only rival recognized” by her. And that she would have had on stage, both – the “fire” of the soprano Montserrat Caballe, the “simplicity” of Ileana Cotrubaș and the “finesse” of Victoria de Los Angeles, as well as the eyes and brilliance of the Hollywood star Elisabeth Taylor.

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