Where did my breath go?!
A COVID-19 study in progress.

A Covid-19 study in progress by Prof. Marius Vlad Budoiu. What’s the disease’s impact on the singer and what’s his way out. It is happening now.

“Sometime late October 2020 I got infected with Covid19. On the 3rd of November 2020, I sang my latest Cavaradossi, after two days of involuntary fasting. I already couldn’t eat anything. And then it all went south. For you can get the help you need only after you are confirmed Covid-19 positive. I was confirmed positive only on the 12th of November. And I didn’t eat anything for about two weeks and lost about 9 kg.

Do you know those weather forecasts where they tell you the temperature is 5 below, but it feels like 15 below? My lungs were 50% obstructed, but the feeling was all I could breathe was a coffee cup of air… I was in panic and I could barely stand. Close to passing out every time I moved. I was feeling the end coming my way. And there were much worse than I was…”


“I have been a professional Opera Singer for 30 Years and 25 years singing teacher, Professor at the Music Academy in Cluj, Romania. I am proud of my accomplishments, as a singer and even more as a teacher. My former students are singing at your side, my esteemed colleagues, and they are my pride and glory. Now I want to get to the point about this crisis that singers are facing. It’s a challenge and I am anxious to face it. For us all.”

Click HERE & fill in this very important survey! This is an anonymous survey meant to gather specific information about singers and their struggle with the Covid-19 disease.

Let’s fight together for our recovery and of those that will sadly but surely follow! Please help me develop the singer’s breathing recovery guide.

– Prof. Marius Vlad Budoiu

The entire article will be published in the 8th issue of OPERA Charm Magazine, which will published in the month of December.


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