Young Artist Portrait:
Diana-Elena Vornicu

Diana – Elena Vornicu was born in a small town, Fălticeni in Suceava, but at the age of 5 she moved in Iași with her family. The story about the way her parents realized that she has artistic inclinations is a very special one. When she was two and a half years old, her father was in the army and her mother, because she missed him, always listened to their favorite songs on vinyl record player. It was one that she listened to repeatedly that caught Diana’s attention. Thus, one day, Diana, listening to her mother’s favorite song, took the microphone of the toy she had and performed it. At that moment, her mother was amazed because she sang the right song in terms of intonation and lyrics. Interested in music from a young age, she began studying singing and dancing and over the years she has won numerous competitions. Diana really wanted to study music in college and, although her parents were not sure about this choice, she found a teacher at the music college to prepare her for admission. Initially, she wanted to study jazz but, discovering more of the secrets of classical singing, she chose to stay on this path, gradually developing this side.

I still remember… For this admission I trained myself for three weeks with my singing teacher, during which I prepared the repertoire that I was going to sing and, together with her, I laid the foundations of music theory knowledge. Seeing my determination my parents decided to support me. During high school, I tried to deepen my singing technique and, with the help of my teacher Adina Pavalache, to whom I am grateful for all the patience and dedication she had, I managed to understand the technique of belcanto and I had a gradual evolution. This field is very difficult and I wanted to give up many times, but my mother always told me “Diana, you have to be strong, not to give up and to fight for the fulfillment of your dream!”. She was my biggest critic and gave me the best pieces of advice.

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